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In many martial arts, various colours of belt are used to show the wearer's rank/skill level in that martial art. In Taekwondo, each new colour represents a new rank, and each stripe on the end of the belt represents an intermediate step towards the next rank. Your belt color recognizes where you are in your training, how far you've progressed. It shows your peers your dedication and willingness to progress.

There are 10 Geups in W.T.F. Taekwondo, starting from the 10th Geup (White Belt) and ending with the 1st Geup (Red-Black Belt).

The term "Geup" means degree. The term "Dan" means phase.

There are 9 Dan degrees, starting with the first and ending with the 9th. All Dan-degrees are represented by a Black Belt.



Several hundred years ago this type of ceremony was developed for the master to bestow recognition upon the student for their achievements in martial arts training and for the student to express gratitude to the master and instructors for their guidance.

The goal of the student is to demonstrate both mental and physical improvement to the master, instructor, family, friends, and to one’s self. The Taekwondo student once promoted can obtain an official (grandmaster approved) school rank certificate for each level of testing, and permission to learn the new/next level techniques. The Taekwondo Black Belt student for each level tested can obtain an official (grandmaster approved) school rank certificate. As well as an official World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Kukkiwon certificates for their 1st and 2nd Dan/Pooms.

The student obtains a recommendation from the class instructor(s) when they are ready with an application for promotion testing. Promotion testing fees help to cover the costs of operating the school, rank certification provided by the Grand Master, and to express appreciation to the master and instructors for their efforts in teaching and guidance in obtaining mental and physical strength which will help you make your life a success.

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