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Tenets of Taekwondo


To be thoughtful and considerate of others.
Taekwondo students and instructors should be polite and show consideration to others.

To be Good and Honest.
Taekwondo practitioners should live by a code of moral values and principles.

Never give up in the pursuit of one’s goals.
Students should welcome challenges, because challenges cause us to grow and improve.

To have control of one’s body and mind.
A Taekwondo student should practice controlling his or her body, mind, words, actions and reactions.

Indomitable Spirit:
To have courage in the face of adversity.
A Taekwondo student should never be dominated by, or have his spirit broken by, another.

Physically -Taekwondo develops coordination, motor skills, agility, flexibility, muscular strength, endurance, balance, posture, cardiovascular fitness, aerobic fitness and anaerobic fitness.

Morally -Taekwondo promotes good character and a non-violent attitude by teaching courtesy, humility, integrity, respect for others, self reliance and courage. In response to conflict, Taekwondo teaches calmness, avoidance and neutralization. It features a non-confrontational and controlled approach to aggression by the teaching of self control, self confidence and violence-as-a-last-resort response to conflict.

Psychologically -Taekwondo reduces tension and anxiety by providing a socially acceptable means of physical self expression, the control of aggression and the venting of hostility and frustration in a healthy, beneficial manner. It requires self respect, complete self control and a respect for others, whether a training partner or an adversary. Taekwondo also provides a means of personal achievement and advancement through the mastery of its curriculum, testing and progression through belt levels. Dedication to attaining a goal and achievement of that goal improve one's self image and one's sense of self worth.

Aesthetically -Taekwondo involves the mastery of skills and techniques and allows some latitude for personal style and self expression. It begins from a set of core techniques and develops natural talents in each individual. Rhythm, timing, balance, proper form and proper breathing are all essential for correct technical execution.

Mentally - Taekwondo practitioners learn focused concentration and detachment from external distractions. There is beauty and grace in the practice of the Taekwondo Techniques, and great satisfaction in mastering and controlling one's mind and body in the activity of demanding physical exercise.

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