Muskoka Taekwondo

May 10th update!
Cancelling all regular evening taekwondo classes today!

Instructor Dave has to be away again to tend to another family matter.

Unfortunately Muskoka Taekwondo will be closed for today’s regular evening classes between 5 PM and 9 PM on Tuesday, May 10th

Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday classes will resume this week. Tuesday once a week members are again welcome to attend Thursday's classes...just text message instructor Dave Wednesday to let him know to expect you...705-205-1010

As well Belt testing Grading ceremonies planned for next week May 17th 18th and 19th will be canceled or pushed out a couple more weeks. Therefore we will make more progress during the weeks ahead celebrations of belt grading commencing by end of May and first week of June!

Thanks in advance everyone for understanding the reasons for these cancellations.